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I use Lynne's 'fishline' huron style snowshoe for my outdoor adventures. Lynne's snowshoes are the first choice for work or recreation. Bush workers, linesmen, mushers, snowmobilers and frequent snowshoers like myself trust her workmanship to never let them down in tough conditions.

For recreational snowshoers, who venture into the deep fluffy snow of northern woods, I recommend the 'fishline' models. These shoes combine traditional ash frames & modern mono filament webbing. The result of Lynne's ingenious blend of old and new is a pair of snowshoes that are light weight, waterproof, maintenance free, durable and attractive.

For cold, dry weather & extra deep snow I have a pair of Lynne's extra fine weave, rawhide web snowshoes. They look like a work of art and their floatation in deep snow is divine.