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I have provided a contract claim staking service in the mining exploration business for the last 25 years and it would not have been as easy to do without the help from Lynne & Don at Snowshoe Sales & Repairs.

When a client hires us to stake a mining claim we have to leave "yesterday" and get it done quick in order to beat any possible competition. We mostly work on a piece-work basis and only get paid for the length of claim line that we blaze through the bush. Consequently if we have inferior snowshoe equipment in the winter we literaly lose money due to slow production. Even if poor snow conditions exist we do not have the luxury of holding off on the work and we have to go with what ever is on the ground. Unfortunately that covers the full spectrum of the sticky wet the deep fresh the ice covered crusty spring snow . Over the years though, no matter what, Snowshoe Sales & Repairs was able to get us the snowshoes that worked best, regardless of the snow conditions. If we were in a rush they somehow managed to get everything we needed in snowshoe equipment, along with good sound advice.

My congratulations also go out to Lynne & Don for developing a fantastic snowshoe with their Mono 400 series. They spent years experimenting and testing various versions and finally hit the jackpot with their present product. You can't find a more versatile, lightweight and durable snowshoe that literally allows us to make more money in the snow!